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In November 2010, the four founders of Nattaro Labs – Camilla, Magnus, Carl-Magnus and Christine – met for the first time as participants of Mobile Heights/Life Science Business Center, a non-profit organisation focused on entrepreneurship and innovation, led by Marianne Larsson of Teknopol. During an open innovation project, the group began to like, respect and understand how well they complemented one another. Dr. Camilla Ryne was a biologist with 17 years’ experience as a researcher in chemical ecology at Lund University. Engineer Magnus Bäckmark has 20 years’ experience in product development, mechanical construction as well as testing and verification. Carl-Magnus Hansson is a civil engineer from the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University (LTH) with 20 years’ experience in project leading, industrialisation and production. Economist Christine Dahlman Jacobsen has a master’s of entrepreneurship from Lund University and 15 years’ experience in market analysis, business development, marketing and sales.

With their individual, specialised backgrounds and a successful group dynamic, they devised a shared vision for building a company based on Dr. Ryne’s globally unique research on bed bugs (their chemical communication and behaviour). Nattaro Labs became a fact in April 2011, with its name inspired by the old proverb “Lice and borrowed money bring no peaceful night’s rest.” With “peaceful night’s rest” being “Nattaro” in Swedish southern accent.

The company’s first year was spent at Ideon Innovation, the Biology Department at Lund University and at Lund Life Science Incubator (Lund LSI), which the company joined as a member in August 2011. After moving into this location, Nattaro Labs was able to build up its own research and development environment. In March 2012, Nattaro Labs, along with other members of LSI, moved into Medicon Village. Nattaro Labs has thrived in Medicon Village – participating with good results in the Venture Cup business competition, attracting new capital from private and governmental backers, securing a Research & Grow (Forska & Väx) grant from Vinnova and receiving coverage by regional and national media in many forms.

In July 2012 Dr Camilla Ryne died in cancer, her husband Professor Anders Nilsson has taken over her shares and he fully supports the company’s endeavours.