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Bed bugs

Fact and tips

  • Bed bugs are “true bugs” (Hemiptera). An adult bed bug is reddish brown, flat and the same size as a flax seed.
  • They are obligatory bloodsuckers, meaning all of their developmental stages require a blood meal in order to continue developing and to be able to reproduce as adults.
  • The first time a person is bitten by a bed bug, it can take 1-2 weeks before a reaction appears. This makes it difficult to correlate reactions with a specific time and place for the exposure.
  • Bed bugs have a unique ability to develop resistance to insecticides, which contributes to their return.
  • They do not live on us, but live off our blood.
  • Bed bugs have cryptic behaviours, which make them lie still in dark cracks and crevices for a large part of the day, coming out only to eat, usually at night. This makes them hard to detect and control, especially the small and early infestations.
  • Bed bugs have long lifetimes and can go into dormant periods. At a temperature of 10°C, they can lie dormant for more than a year.
  • All stages of bed bugs die at +48°C for 30 minutes and at -18°C for an hour.
  • Bed bugs do not spread any diseases, but an infestation can cause extreme mental and physical discomfort. It can also be costly to replace furniture and renovate an infected room after decontamination.
  • Bed bugs spread to new places with the help of our things, they are not able to fly or jump.
  • Check for evidence of bed bugs in and around the bed when you check into a hotel room. Do not place your luggage near the bed. Always wash your clothes after a trip and never store your luggage in your bedroom.
  • Contact a professional Pest Control company if you discover an infestation.
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